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  1. Calamari Fritta Modena
    sweet roasted cherry peppers tossed with house made balsamic glaze
  2. Rhode Island Calamari Fritta
    cherry peppers and house made garlic butter
  3. Bruchetta
    house made pesto, diced tomato, topped with fontina cheese drizzled balsamic glaze and evoo
  4. Saute Rabe
    with grilled Italian Tuscan sausage
  5. Vongole ala Cannellini Brodo
    whole clams and cannellini beans in chef's special white wine sauce
  6. Margaritta Grilled Shrimp
    Tequila lime grilled shrimp, vegetables and goat cheese over Farro rice
  7. Shrimp Cocktail
    $3.50 each
    with house made cocktail sauce
  1. House Salad
    homemade croutons, cucumber, tomato & red onion with a red wine vinaigrette dressing
  2. Insalata Tonno
    romaine lettuce, Gorgonzola, Bermuda onion, bacon, tomato, egg and Italian tuna with a balsamic vinaigarette dressing
  3. Caesar Salad
    with homemade croutons and romaine lettuce
  4. Arugula Salad
    house roasted red peppers, Bermuda onion, kalamata olives, shaved Parmesan cheese, olive oil and lemon zest dressing
  5. Antipasto
    tuna, lettuce, prosciutto, capicola, sopressata, tomato, onion, kalamata olive, gorgonzola, provolone cheese and roasted red peppers with a red wine vinaigrette dressing
  6. Insalata Caprese
    tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil leaves, olive oil, and house balsamic glaze
  7. Field Verdi Insalata
    candied walnuts, goat cheese, bermuda onions, and cherry tomato over field greens with a rasberry vinaigrette dressing
Add to any Insalata:

grilled chicken breast or grilled turkey breast        6

grilled shrimp        8

grilled Italian sausage        5

grilled sea scallops        12
La Minestra
  1. Homemade Clam Chowder
  2. Soup Of The Day
Primi Piatti
  1. Linguini Vongoli
    little necks and chopped clams sautéed with garlic, olive oil and basil served with white or red sauce
  2. Grilled Tuscan Sausage
    Tuscan sausage & sauté rabe over penne
  3. Scampi Alla Gamberi
    jumbo shrimp with savory evoo herbal butter wine sauce
  4. Cellentani Bolognese
    braised beef and pork with house made tomato sauce
  5. Frutti di Mare alla Mista
    sauteed shrimp and scallops topped with fried calamari in our white wine butter sauce with cherry peppers
  6. Baked Canneloni
    tube shaped pasta stuffed with sauteed Italian sausage, spinach, carrot, egg and ricotta cheese topped with mascarpone marinara and mozzarella cheese
  7. Spaghetti and Meatballs
    homemade meatballs with ground pork and beef topped with a marina sauce and parmesan cheese
  8. Quartro Fomaggio Alfredo
    fettuccini noodles tossed in a rich sauce of cream and four cheeses
  9. Chefs vodka salsa rosa
    our homemade pink vodka cream sauce over pasta
​Add to any Primi Piatti:

grilled chicken breast    6

grilled Italian sausage   6

grilled shrimp     8

grilled sea scalllops   12

​Gluten Free Pasta Available
  1. Baked Scrod Pomodori
    fresh baked cod in a cherry tomato wine butter sauce topped with Ritz cracker crumbs
  2. Antonio di Gamberi
    egg battered shrimp sauteed in a Grand Marnier butter sauce
  3. Griglia alla Pesto
    $market price
    fresh grilled swordfish served with sundried tomato horseradish pesto cream sauce
  4. Capesante Limone
    pan seared sea scallops over lemon risotto
  1. Grilled cowboy pork chop
    served over a grilled Portabella mushroom cap topped with sweet Italian peppers aglio**
  2. Braised Pork Shank
    in a creamy Sherry reduction over farro rice
  1. Chicken Francese
    egg battered breast in a white wine lemon garlic butter sauce**
  2. Chicken Marsala
    sauteed breast, wild mushrooms and marsala demi-glaze **
  3. Chicken Saltimbocca alla Romano
    sauteed breast, prosciutto, wild mushrooms, sage, Parmesan and fontina cheese in our white wine sauce.
  4. Abbys Roasted chicken
    oven roasted potato, onion, pickled peppers,rosemary and sherry wine sauce
  5. Chicken Parmigiana
    Panko breaded chicken breast topped with marinara sauce mild provolone cheese and pecorino romano cheese**
  1. Char Grilled Choice Sirloin Mama
    topped with wild mushrooms in a house garlic butter**
  2. Char Grilled Flat Iron Steak
    served over garlic mashed potato brocolinni with a port wine reduction
  3. Braised Short Rib of Beef
    in a Merlot Red Wine reduction over wild mushroom risotto
  4. Grilled Porterhouse T-bone steak
    topped with white truffle oil**
  1. Veal Parmesan
    Panko breaded provini veal topped with marinara sauce mild provolone and Pecorino Romano**
  2. Veal Saltimbocca alla Romano
    veal, prosciutto, wild mushrooms, sage, shaved parmesan and fontina cheese in our white wine sauce**
  3. Veal Marsala
    saute veal with wild mushrooms in Marsala demi -glaze sauce**
  4. Grilled Veal Chop Florentina
    lightly seasoned chop served over a bed of sauteed baby spinach aglio**
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